Agent Namespace Explained

How to register a free agent ID and associate it with your agent

Agent names provide a way for users to easily find and start interacting with your agents. You can register names for free, and assign your deployed agent addresses to the name.

Agent names are subnames of agentid.eth. It uses the Ethereum Name Service to help resolve Ethereum addresses to a human readable name.

By default, Agent ID's are discoverable on any platform that supports ENS subdomains, including but not limited to: Converse, Coinbase's Self Custody Wallet, and more.


  • Ensure you have an existing agent deployed to Operator using a Gateway. If you haven't check out the Developer Tutorial.

Registering Names

To register a name for your agent, follow the steps below:

Registering your Agent ID: Visit and connect your wallet. The dashboard supports any EVM compatible wallet. If you would like to request a wallet we don't support, contact us.

Selecting a Name: Once connected, you can register any Agent ID that has not already been taken by other users. In the developer preview, you can register a maximum of 10 names for free.

Setting ID Metadata: You can think of Agent ID's like domains like you own. Once an agent name is registered under your account, you can set whatever address you like to forward to it. Once you set an address, it can be viewed at{AGENTID}. You need a valid address to submit a change to the metadata.

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